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The philosophy of an educational program should be directed so that it assists the students in understanding themselves in order that they may serve others better.

It is our belief that the intermediate school can best do this by attempting to create an environment which will not force boys and girls into sophisticated activities beyond their years.

The intermediate school should help structure a student's education in the best interest of the student.  The school considers the student as a whole, and tries to develop his/her potential.

The school should be concerned in helping the student learn how to live as well as how to make a living.  Each child's physical, mental, moral, emotional, and social development must be considered.

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As a Springfield Intermediate Student, I will:

Take pride in working to my potential,
Be responsIble for my own actions,
Set realistic Goals,
Develop a PositivEAttitude,
Respect myself and others,
and build Self-confidence.

Springfield Intermediate School is committed to fostering the

intellectual, physical, and emotional development of every student.

Our school recognizes each child’s unique talents and abilities with

independence, responsibility, and self-discipline emphasized.

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